The classes area as follows:

SM1 solo-- Supermoto Ones are motocross based solo machines, that have been heavily modified to race rallycross style on both tarmac and shale race circuits.  They have 17" wheels that use full slick/wet tyres.  The brakes are upgraded to shortcircuit standards, and the suspension is lowered and hardened.  Engines can vary in cubic capacity, but are generally tuned to produce in excess of 50bhp. Motocross (MRA) age limits apply.

Production solo-- These are production based motocross bikes that run on a controlled agreed tyre (Mitas).  They have no modification to brakes or suspension.  This is a class open to any cubic capacity above 120cc two stroke and 200cc four stroke.  Motocross (MRA) age limits apply.

Pitbike solo-- This class is for machines up to a maximum of 120cc two stroke and 200 cc four stroke.  The bikes are of Supermoto type with 12" wheels and can use slicks/wets.  This class incorporates the youth section of Supermoto which allows riders of 14+ years to race.

Supermoto Quads-- These are heavily modified motocross quads.  They are lowered and widened with hardened suspension.  Engines vary in cubic capacity.

Production Quads-- These are standard motocross quads.